What Europe’s hopeful left can learn from Latin America

By Ana Cecilia Dinerstein

(This blog was oringially posted at – The Conversation)

After years of austerity and economic turmoil, mass movements based on hope are finally taking root in Europe – and not just on the streets. Syriza is now in power in Greece, and enjoying a surge in the opinion polls. Meanwhile, its success is inspiring Spain’s Podemos to make a serious stand in elections there; its rallies are drawing Spaniards in their tens of thousands. These movements are not just part of the everyday turnover of domestic politics. They are a real rejection of the insidious politics of austerity, and the beginning of the end of the politics of fear.

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Argentina crisis: citizens suffer when loyalty means more than truth

By Séverine Deneulin

(This blog was oringially posted at – The Conversation)

On February 18 2015, Argentina’s judicial community will assemble in a March of Silence on the streets of Buenos Aires. No slogan, no noise – just silence.

The protest is a stand against the political crisis which has engulfed Argentina since the mysterious death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who died the day before he was due to present his findings on the 1994 bombings of a Jewish centre in Buenos Aires.

The chaos that has ensued shows how utterly disconnected Argentina’s political leadership is from the reality of its citizens’ lives. Nisman’s death was the drop that sent the cup running over.

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