Brokerage, Development and the ‘New Bihar’: Reflections from the field

By Shahid Perwez

‘Development’ in Bihar is a new phenomenon. Since 2005, it has had the fastest economic growth rate in India and is applauded for a dramatic turnaround of its poor governance. In November 2005, Nitish Kumar took over as Chief Minister promising to leave no stone unturned in making ‘good governance’ a reality. The state he took over was marred by a sluggish economy, severe malnutrition and an unusually high maternal and infant mortality rate, inaccessible hospitals due to lack of functional roads, massive unemployment leading to outmigration of youths, and unusually high crime rate Continue reading

Addressing 21st century social challenges: Building bridges between ‘development studies’ and ‘social policy’

By Rana Jawad

The coming together of social policy and development studies as academic subjects at a recent conference held by the Development Studies Association and the Social Policy Association (University of Bath, 26-27 April) seemed like a very “natural” occurrence.  Continue reading