Beyond the ceasefire: Securing safety for Palestinian children

By Jason Hart

(This blog is a repost – originally posted at THE CONVERSATION here)

Beyond the ceasefire'

Beyond the ceasefire’

Amidst the cycle of fighting and ceasefire between the Israeli military and Hamas the safety of children remains severely threatened. Continue reading

Israeli elections and Palestinian children

By Jason Hart

The results from Israel’s elections are gradually trickling in. Although the make-up of the government may not become clear for some days or even weeks, two outcomes are likely. Firstly, Benjamin Netanyahu will continue as Prime Minister. Secondly, the extreme right, who have gained a significantly increased share of the vote, may well become partners in the coalition Netanyahu puts together. ‘Ha-bayit Ha-Yehudi’ (‘The Jewish Home’) – a party whose brand of ultra-nationalism would raise alarm bells were it to attract popular support in elections in any Western European country – won 10% of the seats in the Israeli Knesset. Continue reading