Beyond the ceasefire: Securing safety for Palestinian children

By Jason Hart

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Beyond the ceasefire'

Beyond the ceasefire’

Amidst the cycle of fighting and ceasefire between the Israeli military and Hamas the safety of children remains severely threatened. Continue reading

Book review: Money for Everyone: Why we need a Citizen’s Income

By Aurelie Charles

Money for everyone

Money For Everyone: Why we need a Citizen’s Income. Malcolm Torry. Policy Press. June 2013.

Malcolm Torry proposes in his book a convincing argument in favour of a universal basic income, or Citizen’s Income, defined as an “unconditional income paid by the state to every man, woman and child as a right of citizenship”. His argument is based on the premise that, in an ideal country, one should be entitled to a basic income in order to achieve basic living standards for all. Interestingly, this ideal setting is imagined to be UK-based, a sovereign state where citizens are also subjects, and the argument is then extended to its potential application to the UK system.

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The poverty of stateless people; how do we bridge the gap between need and development assistance?

By Jason Tucker

About a year ago I set out to look at how we can better incorporate the needs of stateless people in the development sector. This was driven by my own and others research, which began to show that these greatly under researched populations have largely been marginalised from the provision of development Continue reading