Argentina votes to legalise abortion in latest victory for global feminism

(This blog was originally published at The Conversation)

By Ana Cecilia Dinerstein and Lucía Cirmi Obón

“Nothing will stop us now!” These were the words of the excited and emotional activists when Argentina’s parliament voted narrowly (129 votes to 125) to decriminalise abortion. The National Congress in Buenos Aires was surrounded by women wearing green scarves around their necks, heads and wrists. Since 2005 this has been the symbol of their campaign. It represents life and hope and evokes memories of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo – a group of women whose children disappeared under the dictatorship in Argentina during the 1970s and 1980s.

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Local Elections in Nepal and Sri Lanka: Empowering or Underming the Margins?

(This blog was originally published at Borderlands Asia)

By Oliver Walton

In the aftermath of civil wars, local elections are often viewed as transformative moments when voices from the margins can be heard and where new, more inclusive political settlements can be forged. Many post-war state reform packages emphasise measures to devolve power to local government as a mechanism for addressing the post-war grievances of marginalised groups.

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