Workshop on pluri-nationality in Bolivia and Ecuador: Different perspectives and Janus-faced experiences

By Jonathan Alderman and Britta K. Matthes

On Friday, 12th of January, the ECR/PGR workshop “Pluri-national state, autonomy and ‘good living’/’living well’: Approaches to and reflections on tensions in Bolivia and Ecuador” took place at the University of Bath. The event, supported by the Centre for Development Studies (CDS), aimed at bringing together junior academics from different disciplines, who investigate the transformations taking place in Bolivia and Ecuador.

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Our individual responsibility to face down the rise of the far right

(This blog was originally published at The Conversation)

By Aurelie Charles

Ever since the financial crisis of 2008, American society has become increasingly divided. In among its deep fissures, the far right has found a place to incubate and speak out.

Declining demographically and struggling economically, this voice shouts out a violent identity crisis of class, whiteness, and masculinity. So how did that voice get so loud?  Continue reading

How activism pushes companies to be political

(This blog was originally posted at The Conversation)

By Michael Bloomfield

Have you ever wondered why some companies seem more politically engaged than others? When activists shine a spotlight on an industry for alleged links to social or environmental exploitation, most companies seek to remain in the shadows, fearful of unwanted publicity. But there are often one or two that respond proactively, working with activists to hammer out a solution.

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