The Centrality of the Margins: Brokering Borders and Borderlands in the age of Trump and Brexit

(This blog introduces a new literature review by Dr Sharri Plonski and Dr Patrick Meehan, which has been produced for the ESRC-funded ‘Borderlands, Brokers and Peacebuilding in Sri Lanka and Nepal: War to Peace Transitions Viewed from the Margins‘. The project is led by Jonathan Goodhand (SOAS). CDS member Oliver Walton is a co-investigator.)

by Dr Sharri Plonski

The subject of borders never seems far from the news these days, with a relentless media focus on Donald Trump’s new America and Theresa May’s ‘Hard Brexit’. Trump’s Mexico Wall epitomises this border neurosis and symbolises a wider trend towards protectionism that seeks to thwart the flow of people (into the country) and of capital, jobs and control over industries (out of the country).

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