A post-work economy of robots and machines is a bad Utopia for the left

(This blog was oringially posted at – The Conversation)

By Ana Cecilia Dinerstein, Frederick H. Pitts and Graham Taylor

Picture a world where robots do all the work while humans enjoy life unburdened by labour. This is an old dream of radicals and Marxists. But the post-work imaginary has taken hold in the unlikeliest of quarters, from Labour Party policy seminars to the World Economic Forum in Davos. Continue reading

Impeachment or ‘Soft Coup’?: The Revenge of the Right and the state of democracy in Brazil and Latin America today

By Ana C. Dinerstein

For Latin Americans, hearing the words ‘corruption in the government’ on the radio or TV activates a regional collective memory of economic and political crisis. In the past, these have been underpinned by corruption by political elites and resulted in massive citizen mobilisations that on many occasions have led to the departure of heads of state and ministers before their time. Continue reading