Book review: Sustainability and wellbeing. Human-scale development in practice. By Mònica Guillen-Royo.

By James Copestake

Sustainability and wellbeing. Human-scale development in practiceBy Mònica Guillen-Royo. 2016. Abingdon and New York: Routledge. xiii+187 pages.

Addis, New York, Paris – 2015 may best be remembered for efforts to build an integrated global vision of sustainable development. But what next? One answer is to revisit approaches that start with small, participatory and practical local steps. What role do they have, and what prospects for synergy in a world that is more inter-connected than ever, but also experiencing renewed fragmentation? Continue reading

Relational Wellbeing: Linking Personal, Societal and Environmental Wellbeing

By Sarah White

(This blog was orginally posted at The Network of Wellbeing)

The build up to Christmas often evokes mixed emotions. Excitement and anxiety, pleasure and obligation, anticipation and dread. Hope that this time it will all be perfect and fear that somehow it won’t be.

This year, though, the contrasts have been more than usually stark. Thousands of refugees re-live on our screens the Christmas story of a young family forced to move by an occupying power. Hands outstretched in welcome are slapped back, as doors slam and border walls erupt like long livid scars across the landscape. At home the clamour of our Christmas shuttles on, the images of warmth and sparkle wrapping the need for a sale in the treasures of our love, transformed and pre-packaged into the dreams which the market dreams for us.   Continue reading

Is Bangladesh descending into lawlessness?

By Palash Kamruzzaman

(This blog was originally posted at the Conversation)

An Italian priest has been wounded by gunmen in Bangladesh, the latest in a wave of attacks on foreigners there. Only weeks before, an Italian citizen working with a development organisation was shot in Dhaka’s diplomatic zone – one of the most heavily guarded places in the country. A few days later, a Japanese citizen was murdered in northern Bangladesh in a similar style. Continue reading